Look Deeper, See Clearer, Run Harder

4 (False) Roadblocks to Encountering God

In addition to the topic of expectation, this post also marks six months until Christmas! Talk about expectation!

Four common roadblocks tend to keep us from experiencing God. But when we come with expectation, these barriers lose their power.

The Prayer Matrix: Resurrect your Prayer Life in the Age of Distraction


Several months ago I realized a need to revitalize my prayer life. I was swinging between overly rote time with God and unstructured, unfruitful time in prayer. So I created a prayer matrix.

The Most Important Mark of Spiritual Health

Look around you. Our world is filled with patterns and rhythms.

Do you have a regular time and space to spend time with God?

3 Truths to Help When God Feels Distant

When God Feels Distant

When God feels distant, we need to know we’re not alone, thank God for the desire we feel for Him, and press on to believe His promises rather than our perceptions.