Look Deeper, See Clearer, Run Harder

7 Free Resources To Know God More in 2016

Know God More

Nothing is more important than knowing God. Once we’ve decided that, we need to ask, “How can I know God more?” In this blog I want to share seven free resources that have helped me know God more.

Pause. Listen. Remember the Main Thing.

Remember The Main Thing

When we stop, and when we realize every Christmas miracle is meant to help us remember the main thing, Jesus, then we understand Christmas.

Finding God in the Real Christmas Story


The real Christmas story has little to do with a silent night. The real Christmas story is hard to swallow, but through its flaws we see God’s beauty.

No More Shadows — Why You Should Start an Advent Devotional

Advent Devotional

Every year I become more convinced the Christmas story is an invitation. I’m starting an advent devotional, and I want to persuade you to do the same.