Look Deeper, See Clearer, Run Harder

5 Verses Taught Me What’s Most Important


This is one of the most impactful spiritual lessons I ever learned. During my senior year of college, I searched the Bible for the phrase “one thing” because I wanted to know what the Bible counted most important. The five Bible verse results that came back have shaped my faith and this blog.

What Every Christian Millennial should know about Significance


The millennial generation loves meaningful action. Fast Company reports that 62% of Millennials believe they can change their communities, and 40% believe they can change the world. We strive to make a difference, to be significant. But let’s stop for a moment and ask, “How is our desire to be significant satisfied?” Christian or not, this […]

10 Words for Broken People on #WorldSuicidePreventionDay


Over the last three years, I’ve talked to a lot of hurting people. Some I’ve met face-to-face, and others I’ve spoken to through social media. The stories of pain I’ve heard are incredible and real. In the middle of astonishing hurt, I believe there is hope. Here are three things I’ve told people struggling with […]