Look Deeper, See Clearer, Run Harder

Learning to Dwell


I remember Chicken Nugget Tuesdays at college. We had chapel every day before the lunch hour. Sometimes, if a message or worship was really good, people would linger past 11:45 when we were allowed to go. But not on Tuesdays.

Lessons from Ammon, Tamar, and the Duggars


Yesterday in my daily Bible reading I read the tragedy of Ammon and his rape of Tamar in 2 Samuel 13. Later that day, I was on Facebook and saw the social firestorm around Josh Duggar, who was recently uncovered for child molestation as a teenager.

Romans 12:1-2, a Game-Plan for Renewing Faith


If someone looked at your life based on how you spent your time, what would they determine is the most important part of your life? Would they be right? I want to change. I’ve found the closest thing to a game-plan in the first two verses of Romans.