Look Deeper, See Clearer, Run Harder

Stop Being Scared to Admit This


Twelve spies go on a secret mission to explore the Promised Land. Ten come back terrified, warning the people not to proceed. Two beckon the people onward to embrace the promise of God. The people listen to the majority of the spies, and as a result, the nation of Israel spends 40 years in the wilderness.

How to Not Do Everything and Still Have Joy

In my quiet time this morning, I felt pressured, even a little desperate. I realized in a moment of introspection that I’m incapable of carrying all of life’s responsibility.

If I’m right – you can relate to this juggling act we call “life.”

4 Christian Guideposts to Homosexuality

Photo Credit: Pink Sherbet Photography via Compfight cc

Until today, I’ve never had the confidence to post any thoughts about homosexuality. I’ve been silent.

Yet as I’ve thought about it more, I’ve come up with four simple points to guide my own response to homosexuality. Perhaps you will benefit, too.